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Domain pulse Highlights

Domain pulse Day 1 - 22.02.2024 (c) Anna Rauchenberger
Domain pulse Day 1 Evening event (c) Anna Rauchenberger
Domain pulse Tag 2 - 23.02.2024 (c) Anna Rauchenberger

Domain pulse 2024

A hundred years ago, hardly anyone could imagine that knowledge would one day be accessible anytime, anywhere through increasingly smaller devices, from the classic smartphone to the smartwatch. Since 1993, anyone can access the World Wide Web. And today, hardly a day goes by without topics like Artificial Intelligence, security, or data protection making the headlines. This raises the question: Where are these developments leading us?


February 22
February 23
Welcome coffee
Welcome by the moderator
Sarah Kriesche
Welcome by the CEO
Richard Wein
Keynote: Cyborg Art (EN)

This talk explores how taking an active part in our own biological evolution is no longer a theory, but an option. Becoming technology, instead of using or wearing technology, opens up the possibility of having additional organs and senses beyond the ones confined to our species. By merging ourselves with technology we can become the designers of our own body and perception; and we can increase our survival possibilities in earth and in outer space. Are we witnessing the renaissance of our species? | Neil Harbisson, Cyborg Artist

Neil Harbisson
Coffee break
Future Technologies (German only)
  • 10:55: Driving the Digital Transformation - from Digital Twin to the Industrial Metaverse | Dr. Norbert Gaus, Executive Vice President, Research and Predevelopment Siemens Technology at Siemens AG

  • 11:45: Technology Dump – Why these developments are going to affect you!
    How familiar are you with terms like DELEG Records, CNAME/ALIAS/SVCB Records, decentralized identity and Bluesky? Alexander Mayrhofer provides insights into's technical areas and topics that are on the radar alongside numerous other activities. | Alexander Mayrhofer, Head of R&D at

Norbert Gaus
Alexander Mayrhofer
Lunch break
NIS2 part I (German only)
  • 13:55: NIS2 Introductory Talk: Background, Developments, Status Quo & Outlook | Vinzenz Heußler, Policy Officer on Cyber Security at the European Commission

  • 14:45: NIS2 Panel I: Discussion of NIS2 from a registry and legal perspective. | Moderation by Barbara Schloßbauer, Head of the Legal Department at

Vinzenz Heußler
Robert Schischka
Thomas Rickert
Barbara Schloßbauer
Arno Spiegel
Fritz Tupy
Coffee break
NIS2 part II (German only)

Discussion of NIS2 from different registrar perspectives, business models and company sizes. Moderation by Barbara Schloßbauer, Head of the Legal Department at

Marco Hoffmann
Franz Josef Reischenböck
Barbara Schloßbauer
Georg Schönberger
Keynote: Vanishing point web: Cloud cities, communities & countries (German only)

In a world that is being shaken by increasing crises and in which the pressure to adapt is growing, more and more people are looking for a new home or a job online and are also creating their own communities there. Ultimately, almost everyone has learned how to use social technologies during the pandemic and is able to flee. Nation states are discovering this competition and are trying to set up their own offshoots in the cloud in order to exploit the escaped talent commercially and politically in a kind of "reverse diaspora". The outcome of this interaction between the state and the cloud community is uncertain. | Prof. Dr. Dr. Ayad Al-Ani, Scientist, Organizational Researcher & Professor,

Ayad Al-Ani
Wrap-up Day 1

Summary of the first day of the congress and information about the evening event.

Sarah Kriesche
End of day 1
Shuttle buses to the evening event location

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Departures at 18:15 and 18:30 in front of Erste Campus - look for the team to guide you. The return times will be announced on site at the evening event and are displayed on the notice board on site as well.

Evening program

Detailed information will be announced at the Domain pulse on site. Official start at 7:00 pm.


Ayad Al-Ani
Scientist, organizational researcher & professor

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ayad Al-Ani is an associate professor at the School of Public Leadership at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. He is also a lecturer at the University of Basel and an associate member of the Einstein Center Digital Future in Berlin. He has over 20 years of experience at international consulting companies, including as an Executive Partner at Accenture. Most recently, he was Rector and Professor at ESCP Europe Business School in Berlin.

Urs Eppenberger
Head of Division "Registry & Collaboration" / Switch

Urs Eppenberger has a degree in electronics from ETH Zurich. He has worked for the Switch foundation since he graduated, helping to build the Swiss Internet. Today, Urs Eppenberger is in charge of Switch's registry for the top-level domains .ch and .li. He is responsible for the stable operation of the related services, focusing on safeguarding the DNS as a critical infrastructure and protecting users in collaboration with the Federal Administration and the Internet industry.

Norbert Gaus
Executive VP, Research and Predevelopment at Siemens Technology / Siemens AG

Dr. Norbert Gaus, Executive Vice President at Siemens Technology, is responsible for Research & Pre-Development at Siemens. After earning a degree in electrical engineering from Technical University Munich, he worked initially as a research assistant at the German Aerospace Center. During that time he earned a Ph.D. in engineering from Ruhr University Bochum. He joined Siemens AG Technology in 1991. Between 1994 and 2001, Gaus held various positions in the Information and Communication Networks Group with the rank of Vice President. In the following four years, he served as President and CEO of Siemens Corporate Research Inc., Princeton, NJ, USA. From 2005 to when he assumed his current position, he held various executive positions in Siemens Healthcare, ultimately as CEO of the Customer Solutions Division (Sales and Service for Siemens Healthcare, HIS Business Unit) of Siemens Healthcare. Since May 2015 he is in his current position at Siemens Technology.

Neil Harbisson
Cyborg Artist

A Catalan-raised, British-born contemporary artist and cyborg activist best known for having an antenna implanted in his skull and for being officially recognised as a cyborg by a government. The antenna allows him to perceive visible and invisible colours via audible vibrations in his skull including infrareds and ultraviolets as well as receive colours from space, images, videos, music or phone calls directly into his head via internet connection. Harbisson identifies himself both as a cyborg; he feels he is technology, and as transpecies; he no longer feels 100% human.

Picture © Hector Adalid

Marco Hoffmann
Head of Domain Services / InterNetX GmbH

Marco Hoffmann is a renowned speaker and Head of Domain Services at InterNetX GmbH. With 19 years of experience in the domain industry, he is an expert in the field of domain management. Through his expertise, he is largely responsible for the management of more than 5.4 million domains in the InterNetX portfolio.

In addition, Marco Hoffmann plays a key role in the management of domains within the IONOS Group. His expertise and experience make him a sought-after speaker at international events such as ICANN Meetings, NamesCon, CloudFest and various registry meetings.

Thomas Keller
Executive Board Member / DENIC eG

Thomas Keller is CTO and member of the Executive Board of DENIC eG, the managing organisation of Germany’s ccTLD .de. He is responsible for Product Management, Technology/Security, Marketing as well as Policy & Public Relations. Thomas has been in the Internet industry since 1997. He has been actively involved in the ICANN/ccTLD environment for more than two decades and contributed to a range of working groups in various positions. He also is co-founder and Board member of ID4me.

Sarah Kriesche

Sarah Kriesche has been Ö1 science editor since 2010. While she was studying veterinary medicine, she completed several years of speech and voice training with Viktor Handlos (ORF) and gained experience in the computer industry, where she got to know the C (and C++) side of IT. Chance led her to radio, but her love of the medium has kept her there to this day. In 1999 she presented the radio program "Nachbar in Not" for the ORF for the first time, which reported on current events in south-eastern Europe in six languages. Until 2006 she worked as a presenter, comedy author and "Wecker" producer at Hitradio Ö3. After a position at the daily newspaper "Die Presse", where she built up and managed corporate communications, she returned to ORF in 2010. For Radio Vienna she designed the weekly series "Diversity in Vienna", which was honored with the "Prälat-Leopold-Ungar" award. Meanwhile, her focus of reporting is on technical innovations and their impact on society. With contributions for various Ö1 programs, she sheds light on the influence of IT on various areas of society. In 2016 her contribution "History of Surveillance" was awarded the "Surveillance Studies" prize of the University of Hamburg.

Dmytro Kohmanyuk
Systems Integration Engineer / .ua Hostmaster Ltd.
Alexander Mayrhofer
Head of R&D / GmbH

Alexander Mayrhofer has been a team member since 2002. He leads the Research & Development team as well as the technical implementation of the new Top Level Domains (new gTLDs). Additionally, he is active in the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) External Link. Previously, he worked from 1996 to 2002 as a systems engineer at a business ISP and was self-employed.

Andreas Musielak
Executive Board Member / DENIC eG

Andreas Musielak is COO and member of the Executive Board of DENIC eG, the managing organisation of Germany’s ccTLD .de. He is responsible for Finance, Legal and Human Resources as well as Member and End Customer Services and is Co-Managing Director of the subsidiary DENIC Services GmbH & Co. KG. He is actively involved in international meetings of the domain industry within the sphere of ICANN as well as of the Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries, CENTR, and is Chair of the standing Strategic and Operational Planning Standing Committee (SOPC) of ICANN's Country Code Names Supporting Organisation (ccNSO). He also is a member of the Information Economy Committee of the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Christopher Mondini
Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement & Managing Director, Europe / ICANN

Christopher Mondini is Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement, Europe and Managing Director for Europe, stationed in the Brussels, Belgium office. In his role, Mondini oversees ICANN org’s operations in the region and leads ICANN org’s Global Business Engagement initiatives worldwide. Christopher began his professional life as a United States diplomat and later became a corporate investigator with Deloitte. He has investigated the world’s largest corporate corruption cases, while working with NGOs and business organizations on ways to mitigate corruption risks.

Franz Josef Reischenböck
CEO / GmbH (

Franz Josef Reischenböck is Managing Director of GmbH ( and responsible for day-to-day business operations. He is a member of the Round Table as a registrar representative. Franz Reischenböck is a certified data protection expert, member of the ISPA legal and security working groups and participant in the NIS2 working group of Denic eG.

Michael Riedl
CEO / Team Internet Group

Michael Riedl was appointed CEO of Team Internet, formerly known as CentralNic in December 2022. With strong financial and operational knowledge from his time as Chief Financial Officer and various managing positions within the group companies, Michael is positioned well to lead Team Internet to an even brighter future. Michael is an alumnus of the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. He holds two Master’s degrees; a LLM from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and a Master of Science in Business Administration from European Business School. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from James Madison University, Virginia and is a Chartered Management Accountant. Michael was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of ESGai Technologies. ESGai combines the power of artificial intelligence with real-time data to highlight opportunities to maximise ESG scores along with actionable insights informed by industry trends, analytics, and dynamic modelling.

Robert Schischka
CTO / GmbH

Robert Schischka has been CTO of Austria’s official domain registry since September2003. administers all domain names with the endings .at. and Robert Schischka also is CTO of’s sister companies tldbox GmbH and ipcom GmbH. Additionally, he has been director of the national Computer Emergency Response Team ( GmbH), a subsidiary of, since 2008. His professional focus as managing director is on IT strategy, IT architecture and infrastructure and IT security. Robert Schischka studied business economics at the University of Economics in Vienna, specialising in commercial information technology and controlling. He gained his profound experience as a security expert during his occupation in a subsidiary company of the Austrian National Bank and as a consultant with the internationally active IT-consulting company CSC.

Thomas Rickert
Lawyer for IT, Data and Domains /

Thomas Rickert is the managing partner of Rickert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, based in Bonn. The law firm, which currently has 10 professionals, specializes in issues relating to the digital economy. Thomas Rickert advises clients in Germany and abroad on domain law, trademark law, data protection law, copyright law and IT law. In addition, Thomas Rickert heads the Names & Numbers Forum at the eco Association of the Internet Industry, which represents the interests of association members from the domain industry at national and international level and provides information and an opportunity to exchange ideas through regular events and publications. Thomas Rickert was a member of the GNSO Council at ICANN from 2011-2015 and is currently a member.

Alexander Riepl
Security Analyst / GmbH

Alexander Riepl is a security analyst for the Austrian computer emergency response team, With a focus on threat intelligence, he puts the complex technical analyses of his colleagues into an operational and strategic context.

Barbara Schloßbauer
Head of legal department / GmbH

Barbara Schloßbauer is Head of the legal department since April 2001. Her field of activities include the representation of and the affiliated companies in legal issues, the analysis of national and EU-wide draft legislation, the drafting of contracts and the legal consultation of projects within the company. She is a speaker at seminars and events on the topics of Domain and Internet Law. Barbara Schlossbauer studied law at the faculty of law in Salzburg. She is also project manager of Stopline, the Austrian hotline against Child Sexual Abuse Material and Endorsement of National Socialist Ideology on the Internet.

Georg Schönberger
Team leader DEVOPS, system architect, security specialist / XORTEX eBusiness GmbH

Georg Schönberger is Team Leader DevOps and Security Engineer at XORTEX eBusiness GmbH. He studied computer/media security and secure information systems in Hagenberg and is also a certified Information Security Manager according to ISO/IEC 27001. For over 10 years, his focus has been on the development and operation of web applications. His areas of responsibility range from secure programming to CI/CD and hosting of all XORTEX projects. As an interface between "Dev" and "Ops", he is happy to provide support for open questions and give advice on his favorite topic "Linux".

Fritz Tupy
Managing Director / WebID Austria GmbH

Fritz Tupy is an experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Enterprise Risk Management, Banking, Sales Management, Management and Corporate Governance.

Richard Wein
CEO / GmbH

Richard Wein has been Commercial Manager of Austria's official domain registry since 2000. administers all domain names with the endings .at. and The state-certified Business Economist can look back on several years of experience in the fields of controlling and commercial management in different industrial enterprises. At, he is responsible for Finance, Administration and Marketing & Sales. In this role, he regularly attends international meetings of the domain sector (ICANN, CENTR, etc.). Richard Wein also is Managing Director of's sister companies tldbox GmbH, ipcom GmbH with the product RcodeZero DNS and of GmbH. tldbox GmbH offers backend registry services and consulting for new gTLDs. RcodeZero DNS is an Anycast Service provided by and targeted at corporations, Internet service providers and Top Level Domains.

Peter Zinn
Cyber Security Specialist

As a student back in 1990 Peter Zinn had a dispute with his professor about the future abilities of AI agents. That dispute still isn’t resolved, but it did lead to the presentation Peter will give at Domain pulse. AI and cyber security, and what it means for you. A presentation that needs to be updated every half hour, if you believe the hype. With both a degree in computer science and a background in theater Peter Zinn knows how to combine content and form into an unforgettable mix. He has over 10 years experience as a cyber security thought leader in law enforcement, has worked with Interpol, Europol, the FBI and other agencies, and has spoken at Microsoft, RSA, Kaspersky, and many others. End 2016 he switched to being a full-time speaker, trainer and advisor. One of his very first talks as an independent speaker: Domain pulse 2017.

Exhibitors Internet Services GmbH
Exhibitor was one of the first internet providers in Austria in 1995 and is active in the domains, web hosting and mail solutions category. Together with blockchain expert Harald Sailer, we are launching a new business segment in the areas of NFT & micro payments and offer consulting and project implementation.

Gransy s.r.o.

Gransy s.r.o. was founded in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2008. We were the first company in the Czech Republic to receive the prestigious ICANN registrar accreditation in 2010 and are accredited for over 100 top-level domain (TLD) registrations. We currently offer over 1,000 domain name extensions for registration for our customers. With offices in the Czech Republic, Serbia, Spain and Malaysia following an acquisition, the Malaysian market serves as a springboard for our expansion into the Asian market. We provide comprehensive domain services to end users, corporate customers and resellers worldwide and are members of AFTLD, APTLD, DNS-OARC and ICANN. We manage hundreds of thousands domains with automated processing to simplify domain management. We emphasize the importance of a unified API interface and are customer-centric by always putting customers first, regularly improving our web interfaces and automated channels, and adding new features. We are innovation-driven, favoring speed and action over delay and inaction, and are flexible by following trends and striving to be industry leaders.

Exhibitor offers a unique platform for managing your customers' domains. With a wide range of flexible solutions for domains, web hosting and SSL. We support you in putting together your individual portfolio and offering your customers outstanding service. Thanks to our user-friendly interface you can manage users, assign access rights and define your own services and prices - all in your personal branding and with super-fast response times. Would you also like to take your reseller business to the next level? Then is the right choice for you!

InterNetX GmbH

As a domain registrar and IaaS provider, InterNetX develops innovative white-label solutions for domains, hosting and encryption. Since 1998, InterNetX has been providing its customers with the digital infrastructure that is the basis for their success. InterNetX provides Internet service providers, telecommunication companies and Internet agencies with domains, shared and dedicated hosting products, security solutions and network connections. In addition, the company offers its resellers one of the most comprehensive top-level domain and certificate portfolios with products from leading registries and certificate authorities.


You will find over 2,100 endings with us. Affordable from the first domain, Thanks to a record-breaking number of our own accreditations. We are more than just a domain provider. We are a team of professionals who will help you with top support and know-how. We operate our own technology, our own cloud and register every registrable domain for you. We offer you personal contact persons who will advise you individually. Get to know us!


MICROLAB has been the technology partner for leading companies since 1999. We implement user-friendly and web-based software solutions for our international customers. Our focus is on adding value of our customers, be it through the implementation of various portals (such as a customer portal, career portal, intranet, etc.) or the use of our systems such as EasyBull (Data Marketing Portal) or EasyWorkFlow (Print Order Management System). To make the path to digitalization easier for our customers, we also offer additional services, including the sale of top domains, SSL certificates and web hosting. Roundtable

The Roundtable is an advisory body consisting of six elected representatives of all registrars as well as the management and employees. The Roundtable draws up recommendations for, aims to represent the interests of as many registrars as possible and acts as an important link between and its 400 registrars. The registrar representatives Stefan Bartsch (INWX GmbH), Martin Fischer (ATVIRTUAL.NET KG), Thomas Frank ( KG), Marcus Hofer (DAY Investments GmbH), Günther Martello (MaG Informationsdesign GmbH), Franz Reischenböck ( GmbH) are looking forward to exciting discussions with their registrar colleagues and the international expert audience at Domain pulse 2024!

Tucows Domains Inc.

The largest wholesale domain registrar in the world. We are OpenSRS, Enom, Ascio, Hover, and Tucows Registry Services. The easiest way to sell Domains, Email and SSL.. Use OpenSRS Storefront to sell domains and enable your customers to self-manage, all without any integration work. Tucows Registry Services, Leverage our modern, customizable registry platform to operate and scale your TLD.

SerNet GmbH

SerNet GmbH was founded in 1997 as a service provider for IT security and today, with offices in Göttingen, Berlin and San Francisco, supports customers worldwide around the clock with services and a selected product portfolio for the secure operation of information technology.

WebID Solutions GmbH

Founded by Frank S. Jorga, WebID's digital identity processes and signature solutions have been shaping the digital age since 2012. As the first German provider, the world's strictest security regulations are based on the company's Ident solutions, compliance with which is internationally regarded as a model for the protection of digital identities. With the invention of video identification, WebID initially positioned itself as an industry pioneer and is now regarded as a beacon of the global online ID industry thanks to its constant development of new markets.

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